Adventures on a horse

Not long ago, we decided to take a trip together and try out horseback riding. We try to have different adventures together, and not only related to be a scout. We are going on this trip very soon, so we need to gear up. I guess we must buy or borrow helmets, and maybe riding breeches. Don’t think jeans will work on a horseback. We also need good shoes, I think. This trip is supposed to be with one night out in the forest. I guess they have a paddock for the horses. This trip is going to be really nice. I did some horseback riding back when I was younger, but that was a long time ago.

Maybe need more equipment?

I guess we also need some more equipment, for the night in the forest. But, as a scout, that is always ready, we all have tents, and sleeping bags and so on. I don’t know if we need them or if it is supposed to be some other sleep arrangements. Think we have to check that out, before we go on this trip. I think its important as a scout, to try out different things. Of course, it’s good to do all the normal stuff a scout is supposed to do. But also try out new things. Its good for everyone, not only scouts. So why don’t you also try out something new?

16 May 2019

This was a site about the Devin family. You had the pleasure to follow their adventures as scouts.

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