Excessive Sweating Can Cause Problems

If it isn´t fun, it isn´t scouting. A quote from B.P himself we all should learn from. What he meant was obvious. Scouting should be fun for participants and if it isn´t then something has gone wrong. 

Excessive sweating is not fun but for some scouts it is a reality. It is a condition known as hyperhidrosis and it casues you to sweat excessively and not becaus of heat or by moving around. This condition is of course annoying, but for scouts it is also potentially dangerous. Imagine using an axe with sweaty hands! Things can go array very quickly... 

How to treat hyperhidrosis

First of all we must be aware that this condition is quite rare. About 3% of the world´s population has it. But for those suffering from it a treatment is welcomed.

If the problem areas are feet, underarms and/or hands it can easily be treated using an iontophoresis machine. It gives a long-term effect that reduce sweat. It also helps improving grip performance which is good when handling an axe or other equipment that could be dangerous if grip is lost. 

Iontophoresis machines use a low grade electric current to treat the bodypart affected. You simply put your hands, feet or underarms in trays with common tap water and turn the machine on. This will not cure the conditions. Sadly, it is uncureable, but it will reduce the problems greatly. Go see a dermatologist if you think you may have hyperhidrosis, they can help you. 

12 Nov 2021

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